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How does a person- other than the two-year-old who was born into a Polish family and has no choice- learn to do all this? For the adult learner step one is to understand what is involved in producing a Polish sentence. Steps two, three, four, and so on are repetition, repetition, and more repetition, with recursion to step one as needed.
  • The learner needs to imagine settings in which he or she might want to ask, for example, "Excuse me, ma'am; do you know those young students?" His/her thought processes might run as follows.
  • Let's see now, for "Excuse me, ma'am" I'll go with Prosz pani, which we've had since day one.
  • This is a question, so I'll begin with Czy.
  • "You", since I'm addressing a woman I don't know, is pani.
  • For "know" I'll use zna (know persons and things), not wie (know about persons and things).
  • The accusative of "those young students" is the same as the genitive because "students" has Male-Personal gender.
  • So here goes: Czy pani zna tych m odych studentów?
This may not be "thinking in Polish" (whatever that means), but that doesn't matter.
Your listeners don't know what you're thinking, they only hear what you're saying. As long as what issues from your mouth are more of less the right sounds in the right order, your listeners will praise you for how well you speak their language.


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